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About Me


Thanks for visiting.

I’ve spent most of my career writing for other people. From speeches to strategies and brochures to blog posts, I’ve been behind the scenes telling other peoples’ stories and selling other people’s products for years.

After all this time, I finally decided it was time to come out from behind the curtain and put my name to my thoughts and words.

When I first began thinking about starting to publish my own writing, I read a lot of advice pointing out the importance of tailoring your blog writings to a specific niche. The problem, I quickly realized, is that I don’t have a niche.

After so many years with clients from all kinds of businesses I have become one of those people who knows a little bit about a lot of things. Plus, I’ve never been able to confine my curiosity into any kind of neat and tidy package. Finally, truth be told, I’ve never actually mustered the determination or attention span required to become an expert on any particular topic.

Regardless, what I like to think of as my everythingist nature is probably why I’ve always been drawn to collage, patchwork quilts, graffiti, and an eclectic mix of old and new furnishings. Likewise, I have been lucky enough to collect a menagerie of thoughtful and intelligent friends with diverse interests – most of whom would have no problem proclaiming their own niche in a blog!

Of course, there are some things I prefer far more than others. Let’s start with my family. After that, for the moment, those are, in no particular order: the mountains, the sea, yoga, Scrabble, newspapers (the actual paper kind), dinner parties and popcorn.

Finally, I will add that my life hasn’t been all powder skiing, walks on the beach and deep breathing. I’ve been through some stuff – who hasn’t by the time they get to middle age? I hope that regular writing of this blog will give me the courage and the platform to share some of that tough stuff down the line.

But for now, if you’re game to listen to me muse a little bit about a lot of things, welcome!